Câmara Municipal de Marília

The first town hall ran in a wooden building in Rua Benjamin Constant, without number. The street today is called April 4 and in place of the wooden building stood the sobrado da ACIM (commercial and Industrial Association of Marília). Dismembered from the municipality of Cafelândia, Marília elected its first mayor in March 3, 1929. The first councillors were Republican Paulista: Dr Luis Rodolfo Miranda, Dr. Paulo de Abreu Sampaio Vidal, Dr. Durval de Menezes, Benedito Rosa de Lima e Costa, Colonel José Nogueira da Silva and Dr. João Baptista Meiller. On April 4, 1929, in special session took possession and among them elected as first mayor of Marília, Dr. Durval de Menezes and Vice-Mayor, Dr. João Baptista Meiller, both engineers. Were alternates: Dr. Edmundo da Silva Freire, Dr. Carlos de Morais Barros and Dr. Sebastião Pompeii. As President of the first Chamber was elected Luis Rodolfo Miranda and as Secretary to Dr. Paulo de Abreu Sampaio Vidal. This House worked around day 10 of each month until October 1930, when the President of the Republic, Washington Luís Pereira de Sousa, was deposed by the dictatorship of Getúlio Vargas. Everyone had to leave the post. 42 sessions were held. The Councillors are not earned for his work.

Copyright: Robson Beluce Photographer
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Taken: 22/02/2012
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