Crater Lake, Garfield Peak Trail 1
Crater Lake, Oregon, USA
A view from the rim of Crater Lake on the Garfield Peak trail. This trail starts from the Crater Lake Lodge. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and is naturally very pure and cold. The water comes from the large annual snow melt, and actually tastes like melted snow, which is not really the best tasting water there is, in spite of it's purity.
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David Burton
Crater Lake and Crater Lake Lodge view from Garfield trail
David Burton
Crater Lake, Garfield Peak
Crater Lake Lodge
Crater Lake - Crater Lake Lodge
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Crater Lake National Park
Crater Lake
Crater Lake - Rim Village
David Burton
Crater Lake Boat Tour
David Burton
Crater Lake Wizard Island Boat Dock
David Burton
Rim Trail, Wizard Island, Crater Lake, Oregon, USA
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Crater Lake East Rim Road
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Crater Lake Boat Tour
More About Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Crater Lake is a snow melt filled volcano crater in south central Oregon, USA.  The water is very pure and awsomely blue.  It is the deepest Lake in the USA at 1946 feet.