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The town of Gyula is situated on the southeastern part of the Hungarian Great Plain, an important border-crossing point between Hungary and Romania. The main tourist attraction of the town is the fortress. The Gyula fortress was built in the beginning of the 15th century, and it is the only gothic brick fortress of flat land remained intact in Central Europe. The fortress serves as a museum, now.

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Tibor Illes
Fortress buttery
Tibor Illes
Fortress dungeon solitary
Tibor Illes
Fortress torture chamber
Tibor Illes
Fortress kitchen
Tibor Illes
Fortress weapon collection
Tibor Illes
Fortress music room and weapon collection
Tibor Illes
Fortress gate
Tibor Illes
Fortress smithy
Tibor Illes
Fortress dungeon
Tibor Illes
Fortress quadrangle
Tibor Illes
Fortress pottery
Tibor Illes
Fortress dungeon torture chamber
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More About Gyula

Gyula is an outstanding tourist centre. Its most famous heritage is Hungary's best-preserved Gothic residential castle and chapel with the Castle Thermal Baths famous for its medicinal waters. Learn more...