International Market Square, Central Atrium
More than seventy showrooms, studios, shops, galleries, restaurants and other distinct amenities make IMS the largest home and commercial interior design marketplace in the Upper Midwest. Open to both the home/commercial design community and the public*, visitors are invited to explore. Built in 1905, the IMS building was modeled after the San Francisco Design Center. Initially, the structure served as the manufacturing facility for Northwestern Knitting. It later housed the headquarters for Munsingwear Inc., a business that transformed the garment industry with its union suit. In 1985, International Market Square became Minnesota’s largest renovated building and our home, providing the most innovative and celebrated interior design resources. Whether you need help with your office, kitchen, bathroom, lighting, windows, or fabric/textiles, we’ve got you covered. IMS is proud to be part of this enduring landmark of design.
Copyright: Ryan siemers
Type: Cylindrical
Resolution: 8000x2308
Chargée: 13/07/2012
Mis à jour: 13/07/2012
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Ryan Siemers
International Market Square, Custom Upholstery Shop
Richard Monseth
Spoonbridge And Cherry
Richard Monseth
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Richard Monseth
IDS Center Crystal Court
Richard Monseth
Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza
Richard Monseth
Minneapolis Convention Center
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3rd Avenue Bridge
Richard Monseth
St Anthony Falls Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Mpls Mill Ruins Park
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Minneapolis Mill City Museum
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View from the Flour Tower of the exploded flour mill in Minneapolis
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Stone Arch Bridge
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Szoke Tisza hotel ship wreck - dance hall
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Taormina, corso Umberto - Palazzo Ciampoli
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Atelier Kite Beach
Ryan Siemers
International Market Square, Central Atrium
Ryan Siemers
6400 Flying Cloud Drive Lobby
Ryan Siemers
6400 Flying Cloud Parking Lot
Ryan Siemers
International Market Square, Custom Upholstery Shop
Ryan Siemers
International Market Square Atrium Floor
Ryan Siemers
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