Futebol de areia em Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
Copyright: Joao Noronha
Type: Cylindrical
Resolution: 9076x1300
Chargée: 30/03/2013
Mis à jour: 02/04/2013
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Willy Kaemena
Rio New Year 2008
Reveillon at Copacabana Beach 2008
Willy Kaemena
Iemanja Copacabana Beach
Iemanjá at Copacabana Beach
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez
Spider-Man Room
Av. Atlântica
Jon Tojek
Rio de Janeiro, Cemetery São João Batista - Tojek VFX
Carlos Eduardo Carvalho (Cartola)
São João Batista Cemetery in Rio de Janeiro in the Dead's Day
Prezunic Supermarket
Jon Tojek
Rio de Janeiro, Cemetery2 São João Batista - Tojek VFX
Mauricio Rubio - Videopontocom
Praia do Leme - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Dubai Museum - Al Fahidi Fort by 360emirates
Martin Broomfield
Paddy Fields Sulawesi
Martin Broomfield
Baja and Cyclo Glodok Jakarta
Denny A. Ovchar
Poland Pano 08
Sunset On Moonima
Jedsada Puangsaichai
Wat Phra Si San Phet, Main Chedis, Ayutthaya
Phillip Roberts
Water Tower Oval Basin Cardiff Bay 12 12 09
Sebastian Wegerbauer
jacky cheng
Martin Broomfield
Covered Street Market
NT360 Sanal Tur
Dora hospital kuvez
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 00776943 23c369a233654a8eec89 jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 01120834 573993c9bc5b374cb108 jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 00776321 a7c0b0bee5ae20ebf940 jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 01046758 291b5d852bd908157448 jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 00714204 8ab87603b02b3ffcef91 jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 01046796 cea027281c7d34da3cdc jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 00961049 c4393a6be756c5fab6f9 jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 01046767 abdfe2bb462e14b7bdb9 jpg
Joao Noronha
Rua Cambara em Indaiatuba - São Paulo
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 00984542 e5100ebe490512316430 jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 00961051 b3fc55bb7920f190575c jpg
Joao Noronha
Joao noronha filho 01115676 7731f2281b1ef5eac44d jpg
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Here's your soundtrack. Okay, maybe they're not exactly brazillian but their music is awesome and their live shows legendary.Now, Brazil covers almost half of South America and its Amazon rainforest is the world's largest jungle... which is rapidly getting cut down. The country is basically one giant botanical garden with some bangin' cities on its edges.Brazil was colonized in 1808 by the royal court of Portugal, which was fleeing Napolean's troops. They didn't stay long, and Brazil won its independence in 1822.Its biggest city, Sao Paulo, is the financial hub of South America. Brazil is the "b" in BRIC -- Brazil, Russia, India and China. These four were labeled the world's fastest developing large economies in the year 2001.Brazil is known for three things: amazingly beautiful women, carnival, and Pele -- King of Football, Athlete of the Century, football ambassador of the world and a declared national treasure.Brazillians can tell foreigners a mile away, by the way their hips move. Samba is built into the soul of brazil and carnival is when it bursts out into twenty-four hour undying explosions of sound on every street.This picture of mask diving at the Taipus reefs makes me shed hot and salty tears all over my calendar, which is set on "January" right now.Text by Steve Smith.