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La Cucina Giuseppina

Giuseppina is a master chef and leads a cooking school in Certaldo Alto. Italy Intensive Students often take a 1/2 day  cooking class with her. Today's lesson is Ravioli Sauce, Fresh Pasta, and Tiramisu for dessert. She gives everyone their Italian names. From left to right is: Giuseppina, Anna, Giovanni Polpetta, Lucia, Giovanni, Ivano, Elisa, Gessica, and Dino (not shown) is taking this panorama.

Copyright: Italy Intensives Ecu
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Chargée: 04/12/2011
Mis à jour: 04/02/2012
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Chris Ellenbogen
Certaldo Archs
Italy Intensives ECU
Locanda Linando II - Chiara's B&B Dining Room
Italy Intensives ECU
Locanda Linando II - Chiara's B&B Upstairs
Italy Intensives ECU
Courtyard, Certaldo Alto
Italy Intensives ECU
Road to Certaldo Alto
Italy Intensives ECU
Messer Boccaccio, Certaldo Alto
Chris Ellenbogen
Certaldo Alto Carnivale
Italy Intensives ECU
Via Boccaccio, the Main Street of Certaldo Alto
Italy Intensives ECU
Enoteca Boccaccio, Andrea Casini
Fabio Forfori
Italy Intensives ECU
Ristorante Taverna L' Antica Fonte
Dan Bailey
Andrea's Rock
Ivan Tsyrkunovich
Лососянка. Зимняя
Willy Kaemena
Seri Gemilang Bridge
Tom Sadowski
Tessellated Pavement 1
Toni Garbasso
Finger Rock Trail Catalina Mountains
Igor Marx
Misburg Hafen
Jevgenijs Nikitins
Livani Glass factory
Michael Pop
Children singing carols in the Lutheran Church in Reghin
Emile Duijker
winter in Hoorn
Jedsada Puangsaichai
Ubosot, Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai
Frank Taylor
The Pitons, St Lucia from Tahina
Willy Kaemena
BMW Isetta on the beach
yunzen liu
Italy Intensives ECU
View above The Faraglioni of Capri
Italy Intensives ECU
Making pizza at La Meridiana
Italy Intensives ECU
Field top above park near Certaldo
Italy Intensives ECU
San Marco Pigeons
Italy Intensives ECU
Hotel Aequa
Italy Intensives ECU
Eating gelati in San Gimignano
Italy Intensives ECU
Amalfi Cathedral
Italy Intensives ECU
Gallery at La Meridiana
Italy Intensives ECU
Bar Boccaccio
Italy Intensives ECU
Certaldo view
Italy Intensives ECU
Courtyard, Certaldo Alto
Italy Intensives ECU
Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer in Ravello
More About Toscane

The Tuscany, one of the most beautiful Italian regions, is known throughout the world for its Landscapes and for the Works of Art that it houses (It is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance). Six localities have been designated World Heritage Sites: the Historical Center of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Pienza, the Square of the Cathedral of Pisa with the Leaning Tower and the Val d'Orcia. It is in the central Italy and borders with Emilia Romagna (north), Marche and Umbria (east) and Lazio (South). The West coast is bathed from the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Sea; here we can find the islands of the Tuscan archipelago including the island of Elba. The regional capital is Florence and the other provinces are: Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.