Peng Beach Lifou New Caledonia
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Peng Beach Lifou New Caledonia

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Peng beach is almost always deserted - except on weekends. The ruins of a village are just behind the beach. The people all moved away from the area in 1928 when there was an outbreak of leprosy. Access is by a coral road and the last 100 metres need something larger than your economy rental car to get through.

Tranquil, clear, turquoise water, white sand beaches with nobody around. A great place to spend the day. Camping is allowed but you must get permission from the chef in Hapetra (ask at the Rond-point de Peng store in Hapetra). Find out all about camping in Lifou at visit Accommodation Lifou Island.

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The jungle road leading to this remote and secluded beach was filled with butterflies. Coming from th...

Lifou New Caledonia Tour Beach Peng

B: Lifou Tour Beaches Drueulu

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Drueulu is one of the only good trade wind anchorages on the island of Lifou. It is well sheltered fr...

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C: Ile de Lifou Tour Nouvelle Calédonie la Chapelle d’Easo

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Sur le coin nord-ouest de l’ile de Lifou, juste après Xepenehe, la statue de “Notre Dame de Lourdes” ...

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G: concretion de Athépé

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la grotte d'Athépé est l'une des plus grandes de Lifou avec 7 km explorés. Elle possede desgaleries d...

concretion de Athépé

H: athepe 3

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I: Athepe caverne

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Au bout d'1 km la grotte ressort en pleine jungle. Un trou dans la voute supporte un arbre tombé. Au ...

Athepe caverne

J: Lifou Hotel Drehu Village New Caledonia

Par Richard Chesher, A 14.0 km

Drehu Village Hotel is the most modern hotel on Lifou Island in the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia....

Lifou Hotel Drehu Village New Caledonia

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Ceci est un aperçu de Lifou

Lifou Island is the largest of the Loyalty Islands, in the archipelago of New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean.

The Loyalty Islands comprise the Province Iles Loyaute of New Caledonia. There are 4 major islands, Ouvea in the north, Lifou in the middle and Mare in the south. 40,000 people live on these islands, with over half on the largest island of Lifou.

All three islands began as atolls - a circular ring of islands with a central lagoon. About a million years ago the sea floor bulged under these atolls upwards. Ouvea, on the northern slope of the bulge, still retains the characteristics of an atoll, a circular group of islands with a central lagoon, but it is tilted, with the southeastern side raised up into two long islands and the lagoon getting progressively deeper to the northwest.

The coral reefs and islets of Lifou were lifted about 80 meters out of the sea with the central lagoon now a forested plateau. Mare was also lifted right out of the water and also has a central forested plateau. The ancient, uplifted coral has left a multitude of caves, cliffs and sink-holes that are fun to explore. The coastal areas have new reefs around them and there are a number of very pretty beaches.

The people of the Loyalty Islands speak French and their own tribal languages, a mixture of Melanesian and Polynesian. Many also speak some English. The physical infrastructure of roads, schools and medical facilities are modern and high quality. The people of the Loyalty Islands honour their cultural heritage and this is especially evident in the construction of their homes, their respect of custom, celebrations and family life.

Each island has at least one international standard hotel and the villages offer "tribal stays" with guests staying in traditional styled thatched huts or small guest houses. The islands are only about a 40 minute flight from Noumea and Air Caledonie, the domestic airline, flies to each island several times a day. There is also a high speed catamaran from Noumea, the Betico II, with air conditioned guest rooms for the trip (about 3 hours to Mare, 4 hours to Lifou and 5 hours to Ouvea). Each island has it's own special personality and things to see and do. For full details on the tourism features of the Loyalty Islands visit the official web site

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