One more street in Valdeverdeja

As in the other picture of the same village, you can find the old spirit living here. Not long ago, mules and peasants walked along these little streets. Nowadays, you can still find women sewing and chatting on the streets.

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javier pascual
Another street in Valdeverdeja
javier pascual
Another view of a Patio en Valdeverdeja
javier pascual
A street of Valdeverdeja
javier pascual
Patio of Valdeverdeja
javier pascual
A cozy hotel... in Toledo.
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Jero Morales
Peraleda de la Mata
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Plaza Peraleda de la Mata
Paco Pulido
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Paco Pulido
Rio Ibor Puente Romano
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Alberto Gil
Jeff Scholl
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London World Naked Bike Ride 2010
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Tom Sadowski
Tractor Display at Pinnacle Mountain Lodge in Alaska
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Musée départemental de l'Oise
javier pascual
Patio Trasero
javier pascual
Dsc 0243 Panorama
javier pascual
Dsc 0983 Panorama Jac Duc 2
javier pascual
Dunas de Copiapo
javier pascual
Dsc 0863 Panorama Very Good
javier pascual
Cuarto de aseo invitados
javier pascual
Dsc 0739 Biblio Perfecta
javier pascual
Dsc 0949 Oscr
javier pascual
javier pascual
Barajas T4 Salidas
javier pascual
Dsc 0138 Panorama
javier pascual
Dsc 1371 Panorama Very Good
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