Point Sublime view point on the Grand Canyon North Rim

Point sublime is one of the famous viewpoints on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It can only be reached through dirt roads which are sometimes impassable due to fallen trees or muddy conditions, but it's well worth the trip. We took the "long road", which starts near the Kaibab lodge just outside the park boundary, because the shorter road had construction. The road would have been OK for a sedan with reasonable clearance and a careful driver, but conditions easily change.

If you look straight south beyong the tip of the ridge the photo was taken from you will see two inner canyons meet, that's where the colorado flows. There's a very faint glimmer from the water reflecting some light. Beyond that is the south rim. Above the south rim you can see some mountains in the very distances, those are the Francisco mountains near Flagstaff, Arizona.

Turn a little left, looking southwest, you will see well-list canyon walls in the medium-distance. These are other parts of the north rim. You cannot see where the Bright Angel lodge and the north rim visitor center are located. If you lok at the south rim in the far distance, you can just make out where desert view is: it's where the elevation of the south rim drops a little as you look right-to-left.

Turn west and you're looking down stream into the haze of the setting sun.

This photo was taken very late afternoon in early october and unfortunately the view to the west was rather hazy. In the grand canyon the best time for a spherical pano seems to be 1-2 hours before sunset or even earlier such that the canyon walls still have sunlight on them. Beyond that and the mood may be better but the colors are gone and the haze is up.

Copyright: Thorsten Von Eicken
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