Rectorate of Masaryk University

Rectorate of Masaryk University in Brno

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Hana Dusíková
View from parking house at Moravské naměstí in Brno
Martin Kacvinský
Brno - Ceska street (after reconstruction)
Vlastislav Tauterman
Czech Street - Brno
Vlastislav Tauterman
Moravian Square - Strange Tree
Vlastislav Tauterman
Komensky Square - Evangelical Church
Martin Kacvinský
Strange Tree - Brno - Moravian Square
Hana Dusíková
View from parking house at Moravské naměstí in Brno 2
Vlastislav Tauterman
Fakulta sociálních studií Masarykovy univerzity
Martin Kacvinský
Brno - Key Sculpture - Jiri David (CZ), 2010
Vlastislav Tauterman
Library of Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University
Vlastislav Tauterman
Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Telephone Booth
Vlastislav Tauterman
Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Atrium
Andrey Tolokov
cockpit helicopter Mi-17V5 military airbase Shindand Afghanistan
Unkle Kennykoala
Namadgi NP - Mt Tennent - trickling water 2
Wolfgang Guelcker
Freiberg (Saxony) - Cathedral
Gut Panker - Pferde auf der Weide
Martin Maag
Baeretswil Huettenacher
Top Observatory of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Willy Kaemena
Human Towers
Tord Remme
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Jerome Gerardin
Le sommet du Rotenbach - Rotenbach summit - France
yunzen liu
云南 昆明 东川红土地 1——落霞沟的梯田
Gustavo Galvão
Incredible sunset - Recife, Brazil
Cuzion-Chateau-Bonnu tour Sud-Indre-France
Vlastislav Tauterman
Pension Edison
Vlastislav Tauterman
Savoy Dole U Schodu
Vlastislav Tauterman
Selská náves
Vlastislav Tauterman
Denis Gardens, Cross
Vlastislav Tauterman
Water Dam Vir
Vlastislav Tauterman
Tyrsuv Sad
Vlastislav Tauterman
Pruvan Fitness Gym in Brno
Vlastislav Tauterman
St. Bartholomew's Cathedral - view to Pilsen 2
Vlastislav Tauterman
Telč - Main Square
Vlastislav Tauterman
Posilovna Průvan v Brně
Vlastislav Tauterman
Ponetovice, iPhone 4S, autostitched
Vlastislav Tauterman
Kajot in Olympia in Brno, bowling
More About Brno

Brno is Czech's second largest city. It's a place full of peaceful country folk who drink more wine than Bohemians, their Czech friends to the west. Brno hasn't been trampled by many tourists, so it has quite a different character than the capital city, especially from the eyes of a visitor.