Northern lights in spring

Not a very bright show of northern lights, but at least it's something. Usually when aurorae rise this far in the sky they're brighter, but not this time. In Lapland, it was apparently very good show - the observation log Taivaanvahti.fi was full of green pictures from there.

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Tags: night; aurora borealis; winter; snow; outdoors; tree; cold; stars; nature
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Noctilucent clouds filling the whole sky
Frosty winter forest
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 14 of 20
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 13 of 20
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 10 of 20
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 11 of 20
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 12 of 20
Before the aurora explosion
Explosion of color, northern lights 2012-03-07
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 9 of 20
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 15 of 20
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 8 of 20
Florian Eggenberger
Utah's burning, View from Bountiful Peak
Kütahya Kültür ve Turizm
Aizanoi - Stadion-1
Gary Quigg
Torr Head #04, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Scott Harper
On the way up to Pepper Peak
Kudo Kenji Photograph
貴船 左源太・落水荘 | Sagenta-Fallingwater Riverbeds Cuisine,Kibune Kyoto
Marcio Cabral
Fitz Roy Valley
Bill Edwards
Jimi Hendrix Memorial, Purple Haze, Renton, WA
yunzen liu
Beijing Huairou Mutianyu Great Wall 1——The Great Wall Mutian Valley show
Tadashi IKUTA
スイミング・プール: 金沢21世紀美術館
Quick 360
Rainbow and Drama Light new
Jan Vrsinsky
Graffiti Backyard
Martin Broomfield
Waterton Lake, Alberta, Canada
Moonlit sewer pipe installation site
The sky and The Milkyway in infrared light as captured by NASA's WISE satellite
Viinamaentie's construction site, lower view
Ellen Thesleffin silta Saaristokaupunki, Kuopio
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 20 of 20
Patakukkula 2.1km ski track, panorama 19 of 20
Väinölänniemi soccer stadium, Kuopio
Top of Viannankoski, Maaninka
Half of the sky full of northern lights
Koirakivi, Tiilikka
Hevosenharja esker in the moonlight
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