Wiesbaden Kochbrunnenpavillon
Copyright: Thomas Schwarz
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 14168x7084
Chargée: 22/02/2011
Mis à jour: 16/10/2014
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Thomas Schwarz
Wiesbaden Bergkirche
Allan De Leon
Central Park Wiesbaden 2
Allan De Leon
Cuckoo Clock
Allan De Leon
Biggest Cuckoo Clock
Mark Weber
Kurhaus Icy Fountain
Thomas Schwarz
Wiesbaden Arcade
Mark Weber
Kurhaus Wiesbaden
Allan De Leon
Allan De Leon
Mark Weber
Kurhaus Wiesbaden Weihnachtsstern
Kurhaus Wiesbaden
Thomas Schwarz
Matt Mascheri
747 Cockpit of NASA SOFIA plane.
Jedsada Puangsaichai
Golden Trumpet Tree Blossoms
Dennis Angelica
San Francisco Bay
Hoylen Sue
Hokitika Gorge suspension bridge
Pierre-André Bergeron
Rocket Park - Saturn V rocket - Stage 3 (S-IVB)
Willy Kaemena
Machu Picchu
Martin Broomfield
Fox Glacier, New Zealand
Heiner Straesser -
Istanbul at night - Eyüp
Thang Bui
Rattan Bridge On Muong Hoa Stream Sapa
Piotrk w stare bocznice kolejowe ii2011
Thomas Humeau
Katsurahama Ryo Cape and Watatsumi shrine
Kyu-Yong Choi
Seoul Heukseok market no.01
Thomas Schwarz
Rettershof Weihnachtskrippe
Thomas Schwarz
Wiesbaden Bierstadt Kirche Heimatmuseum
Thomas Schwarz
Trebur Laurentiuskirche
Thomas Schwarz
Worms Heiliger Sand 2
Thomas Schwarz
Hildegard Kapelle
Thomas Schwarz
Runkel Lahnbruecke
Thomas Schwarz
Mainz Plastik Lebenskraft
Thomas Schwarz
Kiedrich St Valentin
Thomas Schwarz
Wiesbaden Sonnenberg Thalkirche
Thomas Schwarz
Bad Reichenhall St Zeno Portal
Thomas Schwarz
Senckenberg Diplodocus
Thomas Schwarz
Lindau Leuchtturm
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Germany? Before the beginning there was Ginnungagap, an empty space of nothingness, filled with pure creative power. (Sort of like the inside of my head.)And it ends with Ragnarok, the twilight of the Gods. In between is much fighting, betrayal and romance. Just as a good Godly story should be.Heroes have their own graveyard called Valhalla. Unfortunately we cannot show you a panorama of it at this time, nor of the lovely Valkyries who are its escort service.Hail Odin, wandering God wielding wisdom and wand! Hail Freya, hail Tyr, hail Thor!Odin made the many lakes and the fish in them. In his traverses across the lands he caused there to be the Mulheim Bridge in Cologne, as did he make the Mercury fountain, Mercury being of his nature.But it is to the mighty Thor that the Hammering Man gives service.Between the time of the Nordic old ones and that of modern Frankfort there may have been a T.Rex or two on the scene. At least some mastodons for sure came through for lunch, then fell into tar pits to become fossils for us to find.And there we must leave you, O my most pure and holy children.Text by Steve Smith.