Yenchi park
Jilin Province

The Yenchi park located at the Yenchi river bank, the area 35 hectares, with the Yanbian University, the stadium is neighboring. In the park constructs the zoo, to amuse the garden, the flowers and plants garden, garden Forest Garden, the folk custom garden, the fitness square, the apple theater circles. The Yenchi park scenery is serene and beautiful, the national breath is thick, is person the sightseeing, rest and recreation's scenic area; Is the open field of vision, increases knowledge place; Is exchanges the emotion, the destination which the assembly makes an appointment with; or the city person relax the body and mind, the health sports place. Has evergreen loose woods north the park, the roof constructs the wishing Chinese style pavilion, stands in the pavilion, the Yenchi complete picture gets a panoramic view. The winter, here has constructed a ski run and the snow circle said that the people do not need to go out of town may body examine the ski the pleasure.

The Yenchi park builds in clear Guangxu 33 (1909), by serves supervises Wu Lu inspects when Yenchi to propose loyally constructs, had hundred year history. The Republic of China time, the commercial port bureau carries on the external affairs activity frequently in here, therefore also said that “the commercial port bureau park”, in 1953 changed to call Yenchi the people's park (the i.e. Yenchi park). After hundred year construction, in the park the greenery create shades, both has the green pines old tree, and has Paris green the lawn and the gorgeous flowers and plants, but also has the lion to call the tiger's roar and hundred bird happy songs, provided exquisitely to the Chinese and foreign tourist has rested the place.

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Jilin referred to as "Ji", the provincial capital, Changchun. Located in east longitude 122-131 degrees, 41-46 degrees north latitude, an area of 18.74 square kilometers, accounting for 2% of the total area. It is located in the middle of Northeast China, in Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and northeast China, consisting of the hinterland areas of Northeast Asia. North of Heilongjiang Province, Liaoning Province, south, west of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the East and the Russian border, southeast of the Tumen River, Yalu River as the boundary, and the Democratic People's Republic across the River. 650 kilometers from east to west, 300 km from north to south. Southeast high, low northwest of the Midwest is a vast plain. Jurisdiction of Changchun - a sub-rovincial city, Jilin, Siping, Tonghua, Baishan, Liaoyuan, White City, Matsubara seven prefecture-level cities and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.