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Christof Martin - pfalz360.de
Zollverein Essen modell
Thomas Spanner
Essen Zeche Zollverein8
Thomas Spanner
Essen Zeche Zollverein2
Thomas Spanner
Essen Zeche Zollverein
rhein-ruhr 360°
Zeche zollverein
Thomas Spanner
Essen Zeche Zollverein4
rhein-ruhr 360°
Zeche zollverein kohlenwaesche
Stephan B
Coal Mining Kokerei Zollverein Essen
Hannes Blomberg
Lasershow at Essen Zollverein
Andre Kurenbach
Jan Metzler
Zeche Zollverein
Hannes Blomberg
Essen Zollverein
Zoltan Duray
Thang Bui
Dong Xuan Market 1
Dieter Hofer
First Snow on Lake Grimsel Dam
Shiyong Wan
State Grid Pavilion in EXPO 2010
Tibor Illes
Nagymagocs Karolyi hunting castle - hall
Jose Luis Perez
Inside "La Luz" Tortilla Factory at Irapuato's Local Market
Richard Chesher
New Caledonia Cruising
Michael Pop
Hot air balloon show at Campu Cetatii
Konrad Łaszczyński
The Palace Mnebhi
Michael Pop
Atmosphere at the Zdob si Zdub concert at Peninsula
Rolf Ris
Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway
Willy Kaemena
20th Anniversary of Reunification
Peter Thomas
Schoenaicher First Pavillon
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas
Ancient Falasarna Harbour
Peter Thomas
Falasarna Sunset Villas Garden
Peter Thomas
Falasarna Sunset Villa one ground
Peter Thomas
Falasarna Sunset Villas Front
Peter Thomas
Falasarna Beach
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas
Millstaetter Sea
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas
Kavousi morning
Peter Thomas
castle landskron
More About Essen

Located along the river Ruhr, Essen was traditionally a significant coal and steel center, one of the largest in Germany. Essen has modernized, hosting a number of large German corporations and boasting a vibrant cultural offering at a number of venues, particularly the Aalto Theater, which is an architectural masterpiece and home to ballet and opera. Essen is also regarded to be a “city of shopping”, particularly since the opening of the Metropolis shopping mall.