Viewing Panoramas on Google Earth

What's Google Earth?

Google Earth is a 3d program that lets you fly around the Earth, Mars, and the oceans. It's the most high-tech way to view maps, satellite imagery, aerial imagery, and user-generated mapped content. If you haven't tried it before, we absolutely recommend that you do. If you are interested in learning more about Google Earth, the best resource to read tutorials and news about it is the Google Earth blog, written by Frank Taylor.

How to find 360Cities in Google Earth?

360Cities is now a default part of Google Earth Photo layer so you will immediately see us as little red squares after installing Google Earth. Read the blog post. You can also turn on the "360Cities" gallery layer if you want to display only 360Cities content.

How to add my panoramas to Google Earth?

If you are a photographer, learn how to add panoramas to Google Earth.

This video shows how panoramas hosted on 360 Cities look in Google Earth:
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There are five ways to find the panoramas you're looking for: search, map, directories, Gigapixels or contact us.
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There are four main sections for special panoramas on 360Cities. You can tag your panoramas to be included in these sections if they meet the required criteria.
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Google Earth
Panoramas that are selected for 360Cities can also be selected for Google Earth after our review. 360Cities is now included in the default Photos layer in Google Earth.
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