Tagging and Setting Metadata for Panoramas
Tagging Panoramas

We use tags in a similar way to categories. If you want to categorize your panos, use tags. For example, if you publish a pano of a church, give it the tag "church". If you have a pano at night, give it the tag "night".

Tags are useful when the title and description DO NOT include some important "category" words that the panorama might fit into. If you already use the word "church" in the title, you don't really need to also give it the tag "church" (but you can, if you want).

Many people think that giving their pano 30 tags is a good thing. Actually, it's bad. It is MUCH better to write a 50 word description than to give a pano 30 tags, because a description is something that people enjoy reading, and search engines also rank natural, original text much better than a list of tags.

To edit tags for your images, go to the image edit screen and click on the Name & Description tag:

Tags should be used to describe what is in the photo. Please use English only.

Example of good tags: day, night, interior, exterior, shop, restaurant, church, nature, people, beach, water, river, sun, snow, castle.

As you can see, these are generic terms - similar to "categories".

Here is an example of excessive and bad tags:

1: Too many tags. You only should write 5-10 tags. Not more.

2: Too generic, nonsensical tags: new, digital, vision, 360, best, of, lee, club, fu, sad, live, music - these are useless tags. And if there are other panos that should rightfully have these tags, this panorama will make those other panoramas more difficult to find.

Again, if you want all these words to appear by your pano, then you should write a description in natural language. That is FAR FAR more effective and useful for both search engines and humans.

Setting Metadata For Panos

Hint: If you want to upload a better version of your panorama, you can do it without having to re-enter all metadata for it. Here's how.

For all panoramas you upload to 360 Cities it is required that this information is set appropriately:

Hint: If you want to upload a better version of your panorama, you can do it without having to re-enter all metadata for it. Here's how.

For all panoramas you upload to 360 Cities it is required that this information is set appropriately:

PLEASE DO NOT COPY text from other websites. We already had a DMCA takedown notice, and had some of our pages REMOVED FROM GOOGLE SEARCH. This is a very bad thing for us. If you are going to copy ANY TEXT, you must provide a LINK TO THE ORIGINAL TEXT. You also need to find out if you are even allowed to copy text (and then provide a link). In most cases, this is not allowed. Wikipedia allows this (because it is under creative commons license). We don't want to sound harsh, but we don't want this to become a problem on our site. Copying text is a common mistake that people make, but you should know that it can have real (and bad) consequences.

1. Proper name
Write the name of the place. Only the name. Not too long, not too short. After you write the name, press to set the handle automatically!

2. Proper handle
The "handle" is the "link" or URL of the pano. On this pano, http://www.360cities.net/image/chicago-michigan-avenue-bridge-usa the "handle" is this: chicago-michigan-avenue-bridge-usa. For Google, the URL is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in how a page is ranked. If the URL is readable, with good keywords, it is a big help. So, give your pano a good title, and then press to transfer your good title into a good handle!

(Hint: We if you upload an image file called e.g. "petrin-tower-prague.jpg" then the handle will automatically become "petrin-tower-prague" and the title will automatically become "Petrin Tower Prague" - this can save a lot of time.)

3. Appropriate location and heading
This is extremely important - people will complain if your pano is misplaced! As 360Cities becomes available on more and more platforms (360cities.net and Google Earth, currently, and maybe other places later!) the correct location and heading of your pano only becomes more important. If many of your panos are misplaced, we might ask you to fix ALL of your panos locations/headings - that would probably take a long time. So, do yourself a favor, and get it right the first time ;-)

4. Appropriate description
The description should have at least 150 characters and must describe the place where the image was taken. It can not contain photographer's advertisement. Please, do not copy the title of the pano into the description and then write a link to your own website. We provide TWO author credits on each pano page (one inside pano, and one in HTML on the page itself - that's enough :-)

If you want your pano to rank well on Google, you have the power to do that - by putting in good, valid, correct, and ORIGINAL information there. If you copy text from wikipedia, then this is "duplicate text" and will rank badly in Google. It's better to spend 60 seconds thinking a little bit, and writing something - anything - than copying text.

5. Appropriate tags
See Tagging Properly.

The importance of adding metadata

Make your images more discoverable by being sure to add proper metadata like title, description, location, and (very important!) tags. Adding (properly spelled) tags significantly increases the chance that your image will surface in a search.

Finally, publish remarkable panoramas that will get noticed!

Description and tags:
Why is this so important? Sometimes our customers ask us to find a panorama. Your panorama might be the perfect one, but if we cannot find it, it won’t be licensed.

Set a proper location:
Find the spot on Earth at which your panorama was created. Lots of clients search for panoramas of particular geographic locations.

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