20 May 2012 Full Solar Eclipse, near Modena, Utah

viewing the 20 May, 2012 full solar eclipse 5 miles east of Modena, Utah and approx 45 miles west of Cedar City, Utah.  Located on the central line of Annular Solar Eclipse, the sun was covered 100% producing a "Ring of Fire" for 4 minutes and 23 seconds though not visible in the photograph.  Special glasses and arc welding masks were used to view the event.  The partial eclipse started at 6:22 PM MST (mountain standard time), with maximum eclipse from 7:31:31 - 7:36:04 pm MST.

We viewed the eclipse until sunset, with the eclipse almost finished before the sun set below the horizon.   The moon travelled across the face of the sun starting at about the 4:30 position (135 degrees) and  concluding at the 10:30 position (315 degrees) at the time the sun set.

Looking forward to the next full solar eclipse in Idaho in August of 2017.

Image is HDR with 3 exposures per position.  Time of photo was adjusted to Mountain Standard Time (GMT -6 hrs).

Copyright: Calvin jones
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 11720x5860
Uploaded: 21/05/2012
Updated: 10/07/2014


Tags: eclipse; solar; 2012; may; utah; modena
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