2011panama Buquete Kaffeetour Kaffepicker S4
Bouquete,Panama. A little village up in the mountains of Panama that is situated in a valley of the Caldera Rive, close to the vulcan Baru. Village. Inside a coffee plantain. The garden of the coffe-picker-house.
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Tags: outdoor; coffee; plantain; bouquete; panama; latin america; mountainside; valley; caldera river; coffee plantain; coffee plants; coffee pickers house
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M. Hundrieser
2011panama Buquete Kaffeetour Kaffebuesche
M. Hundrieser
2011panama Buquete Wasserfall
M. Hundrieser
2011panama Buquete Felsformation
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2011panama Buquete Kaffeetour Anfang
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2011panama Buquete Engelstrompeten
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2011panama Buquete Kaffeetour Kaffepicker S2
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2011panama Buquete Sunnyhill Anlage
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2011panama Buquete Kaffeetour Gerkaffee
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2011panama Buquete Roterbaum
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2011panama Buquete Kaffeetour Bruecke
M. Hundrieser
2011panama Buquete san juan Bautista
M. Hundrieser
2011panama Buquete Stadtmitte
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Panama, a country in Latin America.Huge diversity of landscapes, animals and botanics.Landscapes of tropical rainforests, hillsides, carrebean islands, modern city and ancient places are only some of the highlights of this country.