2012--10-04-The Xi’an Circumvallation-1(Northeast city walls)

西安城墙(The Xi’an Circumvallation)

西安城墙景区位于西安市中心区,呈长方形,墙高12米,底宽18米,顶宽15米,东墙长2590米,西墙长2631.2米,南墙长3441.6米,北墙长 3241米,总周长11.9公里。有城门四座:东长乐门,西安定门,南永宁门,北安远门。西安城墙是在唐皇城的基础上建成的。完全围绕“防御”战略体系,城墙的厚度大于高度,稳固如山,墙顶可以跑车和操练。现存城墙建于明洪武七年到十一年(1374-1378),至今已有600多年历史,是中世纪后期中国历史上最著名的城垣建筑之一,是中国现存最完整的一座古代城垣建筑。

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Xi'an, ancient said that “Chang An”, is world famous world one of four big civilized ancient capitals, comes first in of Chinese ancient capital, is in the Chinese history the founding a capital time is longest, the founding a capital dynasty to be most, the influence biggest capital city, is Chinese nation's cradle, the Chinese civilization birthplace, Chinese culture representative. Xi'an, unique ancient and modern fusion perfect city. Now Xi'an is the People's Republic of China Shanxi Province's provincial capital, Chinese one of seven wide range key cities, Asian knowledge technological innovation center, new Europe and Asia continental bridge China section with Huanghe River valley biggest key city, Chinese big airplane's manufacture base, Chinese mid-west area most greatly most important scientific research, higher education, defense-related science and technology industry and high technology and new technology Industrial base.