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Sichuan Province

Sinus Mission Hill area is located Jiangyou Wudu territory from Jiangyou city 8 km, including sinus Mission Hill, Buddha Cave, Star Cave, Kuang Shan College and other attractions, is a mountain, cave-based natural scenery scenic.

Dou Shu Mission Hill is the fifth largest mountains, known as "unique in the world scene, the first peak in the world." Peak stands on three Koho ​​Dingli, upright Junsu, cliffs, such as cutting, to May, Feixianguan God ax between three peaks by cable contacts. This mountain is said to Douzi Ming Tang monastic place, because of the hills as Sheng Gu Park store named Dou Mission Hill. Song temples were built peaks sinus Madono, Luban and DongyueTemple. Dongyue Temple Hill Road which only have to climb, its Yu Erfeng by the cable access, shoe air and over, thrilling.

Under the peak Cloud Cliff Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the temple "Flying Tibet" as Taoism through libraries, 1,033 meters high, 75 meters in diameter and can rotate freely, also known as the runner sutra. Mission Hill Road sinus deep, forest green, GAO Yan magnificent, shape if painted screen. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai title of "Woodman and cultivators, access painted screen in the" famous.

Buddha Cave, as early as 1000 years ago, it was called "paradise on earth", "paradise." Due to a Buddha image found inside the cave, they named Buddha Cave. This hole "born Dong Jing, the holes have holes, King King, Dong Jing endless." Cave is divided into upper, middle and lower three layers of the same, the twists and turns, like a maze.

Starlight cave is said to Taiyizhenren enlightenment in this practice, also known as Tai-hole. Holes have Taiyizhenren monastic office, there Lingzhu son Cliff statues and other monuments of Taoism.

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