A Gloomy Swabian Valley

It never gets bright in this narrow, V-shaped valley. In summer, the dense beech foliage keeps the forest floor dark, in winter, the sun remains too low to reach the valley bottom at all.  The river bed is light-colored though because of the lime stone bedrock.

Copyright: Paul Emck
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Uploaded: 15/11/2012
Updated: 10/10/2014


Tags: germany; south germany; baden wuerttemberg; talheim; swabian; alb; sonnenbuehl; willmandingen; autumn; deciduous; wood; woodland; forest; valley; dark
  • Paul Emck almost 2 years ago
    Gracias, Luis!
  • Luis A. Romero Pavez (WroKeN) almost 2 years ago
    Muy linda tu panorámica. Felicitaciones!
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