Changu Narayan Temple

Changu Narayan is the most significant Vishnu temple in the Katmandu valley.  Even though it is not to be one of the three imperial cities Kathmandu, Patan or Baktapur, but it is still part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kathmandu Valley. This place has already been mentioned in the 464 AD. This is to read on a pillar inscription before the main temples. It is the oldest traditional inscription in Nepal.

Vishnu should be beheaded in this place by a hermit who did not recognize him.  As a result, Vishnu was rescued by his act. He had killed in battle against the demon king Chand also a Brahmin. This considered to be one of the five greatest sins in Hinduism. Henceforth, Vishnu decided to live in the place of his redemption.

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Taken: 26/11/2012
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More About Kathmandu

Home to Mt. Everest and a wide range of ethnic groups speaking almost 100 languages and dialects, Nepal is a study in diversity. Climate ranges from sub-tropic to arctic, offering an unparalleled variety of ecosystems – humid plains, tropical jungles, forested hills, frozen valleys, and of course the Himalayas. Hinduism is the major religion although Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, was born in the south of the country and Buddhism has a strong tradition in Nepal as well.