2013 08 10 Deerlickrock Pan1 2613 1150
On the top of Deer Lick Rock, a geological formation in upstate NY. Deer Lick Rock rises 100 feet over the floodplain of the Black River. It was formed by glaciers that scraped away the softer overlying sedimentary rock exposing the harder ancient igneous and metamorphic basement rock. The present rock was originally part of a mountain or butte hundreds of millions of years ago. Legend has it that French soldiers, in hasty retreat towards Canada during the war of 1812, used the rock as a landmark when they buried a payroll of gold.
Copyright: Pete Babij
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Uploaded: 30/10/2013
Updated: 10/10/2014


Tags: rock; geology; forest; trees; outdoor; hiking; legend; treasure; history
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