Executive offices of "Asproni" mining village (early XX c.)

The "Asproni" mining village was built in the early XX century when the mining engineer Giorgio Asproni, former executive manager of the Sedda Moddizzis mine (lead, zinc, barium), took over the entire property and planned and ruled an modern mining village (named after him), equipped with electricity, running water, offices, a little school, a grocery store, a church, stables, sleeping houses and a luxurious villa in which he lived until his death (1936). The village was abandoned and now is a fascinating ghost village; it's located in the municipality of Iglesias but it's closely linked to the history of Gonnesa.

Copyright: Paolo E Mauro Mattiello
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10000x5000
Taken: 18/04/2014
Uploaded: 04/05/2014
Updated: 06/05/2014


Tags: old building; mining village; abandoned; interior; ruins
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