21st Century Charter School at Gary Indiana


21st Century Charter School at Gary is a free public charter school serving students in grades K - 12.
For each and every child that walks through the doors, college is an expectation. From day one at 21st Century Charter School, students receive a tailored education to make this possible.

It’s an education that fits.

21st Century Charter at Gary established innovative partnerships, like tutoring and the Middle College program, to build the skills and knowledge to be successful in life and learning. Your child will graduate prepared.
21st Century Charter School at Gary is one of a very few schools offering a Middle College program, which allows our qualifying high school students to take real college courses for real college credit – and it’s free of charge to our students and their families.

21st Century Charter at Gary's curriculum and our teaching methods are designed to let your child excel as fast as their ability allows
. This kind of competency-based approach lets kids of higher ability progress past students their same age. It also permits students to regroup, master material not mastered at a more restrictive school, then, with new-found confidence, race toward their academic potential.

Traditional public schools, parochial schools and other tuition-based private schools serve many children very well, but 21st Century Charter School is here to provide a choice.

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