A 28 12 2010 Fotovest

On our last Fotovest meeting of 2010, some of the Canon kernel enjoyed a very rare fog/snow day with a luminous foggy air in the park of Buzias.

On the way to the meeting place - as usual Piata Unirii - I took the pictures for a panorama near the last sarcastic terrace in the square on which is written "heated terrace" as a good joke :)
In Buzias, while the rest took some remarkable pictures of birds (and less successfully trying to wake from hibernation  the famous squirrels of the park) I  took some panoramas of this remarkable place that unfortunately is now degrated and in great need of repairs.

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In 1839 was declared a spa. The mineral waters of Buziaş are used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. They are also bottled for common use.
The park of Buziaş, with a surface of over 20 ha, is a dendrological park with many rare species of trees, the most important being the plane (Platanus). The architectural symbolic element of the spa is the covered colonnade of the park built in Turkish-Byzantine style, unique to Romania.
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Copyright: Valentin Arfire
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Updated: 07/10/2014


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