A Fotovest 28 08 2010 Timisoara

the fotovest meeting we held on August 28 was memorable for the appearence of the youngest official canonist of the group Alex - only one month.

and the candid moments related to his life rhythms

for the rest it was interesting light and a good pleasant late summer day when we - photographers and friends - enjoyed some quality time and took some pictures.

For the following I hope I'm not misleading anyone it is one major monument of the town and this is what I recall of it - in the rebuild of the town after the austrian conquest, in 18th century the population was hard hit by plague and the difficult life conditions - since here it was a huge swamp - so in 1753 after a great plague the city gave thanks and grace to God for those who survived and ordered this monument that came from Vienna on water the monument is dedicated to St Mary - who is crowned by the Holy Trinity;in this view we can see Saint Barbara preparing to die and in profile there are St Sebastyen with arrow spears in his body and St Rohus.

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Valentin Arfire
02 09 2010 By Night Timisoara - Piata Unirii
Valentin Arfire
B Fotovest 28 08 2010 Timisoara
Mike Trandafirescu
Piata Unirii, Timisoara, Romania
Marcin Klaban
Timisoara Unirii Square and The Roman Catholic Dome
Valentin Arfire
Piata Unirii on February 12 2011
Jeffrey Martin
Timisoara, Summer 2009 - 79
Jeffrey Martin
Timisoara, Summer 2009 - 78
Michael Pop
Unirii Square Timisoara by night
Valentin Arfire
Piata Unirii - the fountain
Valentin Arfire
Piata Unirii - view
Jeffrey Martin
Timisoara, Summer 2009 - 74
Jeffrey Martin
Timisoara, Summer 2009 - 82
Marcio Cabral
Cerrado Stellar I
kyoto in autumn
Vlatko Šplihal
Slavonski Brod - Korzo - Under The Magnolia
Unkle Kennykoala
Sakura at Aoyama Cemetery / 桜 @ 青山霊園
Alexey Miroshnikov, GRADES PHOTO
Westminster Underground station
Matthew Normand
Night Sky Over Mockhorn Bay - Oyster, VA
Carl Geers
Another shot of Brian Carter in Topanga, Canyon.
ViReal Riprese Aeree
Valentin durand
view from the "Mont Bastide"
Udo Lenkewicz
thrift store
Zoltan Duray
Horna Poton - Luky
bibouroku tabito
Scenery of the downtown "Gohuku-tyou"  Shizuoka-City
Valentin Arfire
Sagrada B
Valentin Arfire
Girona 08 12 23 Girona 3 H1
Valentin Arfire
team building at countryside
Valentin Arfire
Ipswich marina boats
Valentin Arfire
party-fishing at Mures river in Romania 4
Valentin Arfire
Timisoara - the Festival of Opera and Operetta 3
Valentin Arfire
Snow in Alpinet park
Valentin Arfire
Under Statue view of the Vest University of Timisoara :)
Valentin Arfire
6 Aug 2008 Prague streetview G
Valentin Arfire
A Targul Mainilor Dibace
Valentin Arfire
A Late March Snow Christchurch Park
Valentin Arfire
Mataro J Equi
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