A tree looks at the scenery the Taiwan position -2

A tree looks at the scenery Taiwan's located at Chongqing Yangtze River Nanan Mt. Nan scenic spot in Linjiang halfway up the mountainside suddenly place, elevation 437. 5 meters, the area 1000 square meters, therefore center the mountain top naturally grew Huang Jueshu to acquire fame long ago. a tree looks at the scenery Taiwan is one of view mountain city night scene best destinations. Selects the platform to stand, looks into the distance from a high place Chongqing Zhongbandao, the Yangtze River like belt, the bridge flies the cross north and south, most conspicuous; If the night, a stars spot, the lamplights of ten thousand families, the day star, the lamp, a water and sky color, enhance one another's beauty. The decorative lighting project's construction is improves on perfection, the Yangtze River bund just likes a a riot of color band of light surrounds Chongqing Zhongbandao, splendid sight. Here, the tourist may enjoy the mountain city beautiful night scene, after understanding immense changes which the directly, Chongqing city's appearance city appearance occurs.

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More About Chongqing

Meaning "double celebrations" in Chinese, Chongqing was built in the 11th century BC during the Zhou Dynasty. Now Chongqing is the biggest city in China in terms of area and population. Also known as "Fog City" in addition to "the Furnace," Chongqing is covered with a thick layer of fog for an average of 68 days a year, usually in spring or autumn. The fog gives the place an air of mystery.