Abandoned sugar refinery in Pozarevac

Since 2000. , in Pozarevac not come no foreign investment. The present authorities in Pozarevac the 2008th when they came to power, promised that the mandate in their top priority will be to hire more people, which according to the National Employment Service has 6359. According to their plan, revitalizing old and raising a new industrial zone would create conditions to reach investors who would invest their funds in opening the factory, as was done in several cities in Serbia.

The old industrial area, where the company Voćeprodukt, Meat Industry Pozarevac (MIP), Animal Feed Factory and Sugar, has faded and lost their jobs for more than 6,000 employees, and the new under construction since 2008. to-us-to-ra agree to co-trench.

Sasha Valjarevic, former mayor and now head of Pozarevac strongest opposition political parties represented in the Assembly of SRS, said that even after two and a half years since coming to power a new coalition anything has been done and that the new industrial zones in the neglected land.

- The essence of the inefficiency of city government and the problem with the cadastre, which is supposed to give them the necessary documentation. All this time they are working to resolve property rights and other cities arriving foreign investment and employ the workers. From the NIP funds for a new industrial zone, we conducted a project of road infrastructure and community infrastructure and water supply and sewerage systems. However, the owner of a private company, Enel, which was sympathetic to the Democratic Party said the ban to use the road from Djakovica street from Duro to be to get into the industrial zone. Then it was argued that he is not entitled to and that this time drawn and built for this purpose. The new government wanted to build a new road that has demanded that the total change in all these projects and the maximum is slowed down and now have returned the same route needed to regulate entry into the industrial zone - Valjarevic said.

Chief Branicevo region Goran Petrovic said that so far no one has seriously addressed the industrial zone until June 2009. when the City Assembly decided on the preparation of the plan, which is the basis for the construction of industrial zones.

- We have managed to more than 10 acres of land, which was the city, and led to the PE, Ljubicevo and Equestrian Association and other users to move to the city and now remains to this land with the agricultural regime shift in urban land . The biggest problem we have with the Serbian Railways, it is a surface of about five hectares of which railways seventies transferred to the city, but no contract has been certified and now they refuse to give us this, saying it was responsible for the Republic of Serbia, or the Directorate of property, and the regulatory plan that needs to be input into the industrial zone. I can not say how much it will take time to get it all finished because our task was to define the problems, which we did. The ball is now the city government - said Petrovic.

How long will the new industrial zone comes to life in Pozarevac nobody wants to bid. Apparently the way to the arrival of investors here is still long.

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