Aktovsky canyon 2

Aktovsky canyon — a canyon on the river Mertvovod of village close Aktovo of Voznesensky area of the Nikolaev area, Ukraine 

Begins in kilometre more low on a current from village Petropavlovka of Brotherly area. Depth to 40—50 metres, the area more than 250 hectares. Represents a unique complex of wood and water ecosystems with ensemble of rocks and granite boulders, unique in Europe which on the geologo-landscape indicators in a miniature with huge accuracy in formation time reminds the well-known canyons of northern America. Freakish floridity of a channel of Mertvovoda (from the big concentration of hydrogen sulphide in water), steep walls, remarkable beauty of granitno-basalt rocks (to 100) and unique natural beauty involve with height tourists-savages from all Europe. The inconvenient lay of land does not give alloy possibility on the river, but is attractive to admirers of an extreme, rock-climbers and climbers. The natural complex of the Aktovsky canyon, as well as all coast Mertvovoda is a part created in 1994 The Nikolaev country council of regional landscape park «Granitno-steppe Pobuzhe».

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Copyright: Sergey Malov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10700x5350
Taken: 20/05/2009
Uploaded: 20/05/2009
Updated: 25/09/2014


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Sergey Malov
Aktovsky canyon 1
Sergey Malov
Aktovsky canyon 1
Sergey Malov
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