Monument to Alexander Nevsky in Pskov

Monument in memory of the Battle on the Ice in 1242 is a huge sculptural bronze and granite, weighing 163 tonnes. Posted on Mount Sokoliha near Pskov.

Copyright: Дмитрий Толкачев
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 12056x6028
Uploaded: 02/07/2014
Updated: 08/07/2014


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Александр Павлов
Vladimir Petrov
Varlaamovskaya tower Pskov Kremlin
Anastasiya Grigoreva
Varlaamskij zahab
Anastasiya Grigoreva
Cerkov' Varlaama Hutynskogo (Pskov)
Vladimir Petrov
Pskov Kremlin, the confluence of the rivers Pskovа and the Velikaya
Vladimir Petrov
Flooding in the ancient Pskov
Vladimir Petrov
Frozen Pskova river
Andrey Ilyin
A junction of rivers Pskova and Velikaya, near Kremlin
Ozerov Andrey
estuary Pskova
Alexey Klement
Pskov. Krom. The Trinity cathedral
Vladimir Petrov
Street Leon Pozemsky
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base Pskov
Libreria tipica de Lima
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Reunion Day Ukraine. 22.01.2011. Lviv
Stephan Messner
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Cold winter morning at Grosser Teich lake, Ilmenau, Germany
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„Maria Filotti” Theatre, view from stage, Braila, Romania
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Menai Bridge at low tide with iced rocks and algae
Дмитрий Толкачев
Дмитрий Толкачев
Дмитрий Толкачев
Дмитрий Толкачев
Porkhov fortress
Дмитрий Толкачев
Мальская долина
Дмитрий Толкачев
Дмитрий Толкачев
Monument to Alexander Nevsky in Pskov
Дмитрий Толкачев
Крепость десятого века в городе Изборск.
Дмитрий Толкачев
Ol'ginsky bridge over the Velikaya river
Дмитрий Толкачев
Дельта реки Великой
Дмитрий Толкачев
Дмитрий Толкачев
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