Alms Houses Wells Somerset England
City of Wells

Houses built in the shadow of the church and by the church to house the poor.  Wells, Somerset.  Now used by Wells Cathedral School.  very old buildings!

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Geoff Mather
Wells Vicars Close South Somerset England
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Vicars Close, Wells
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Vicar's Close 2,Wells UK
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Vicar's Close
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Cathedral Wells Somerset England
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Wells Cathedral And Vicars Close
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The Chapter House, Wells Cathedral
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Wells Cathedral Chapter House Somerset England
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Vicars' Close
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Nave of Wells cathedral
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The Nave, Wells Cathedral
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Wells Vicars Close North Somerset England
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More About City of Wells

Wells is the second smallest cathedral city in England (after the City of London) and was founded in 1205. It is located at the foot of the Mendip Hills in Somerset.  It was named after the fact that there are three wells in the city closely associated with the cathedral.