The "Alster Ice Amusement" has been suspended for the last 15 years due to the

bad ice-condition.
This year, 2012, the Hamburg Administration approved the ice on the Alster river.
Thousands of tourist attendet this "amusement" and gathered on the ice.
It´s not an amusement no more- you can´t skate on the ice- it´s much to crowded. Also the bothes where overcrowded, so the "Bratwurst" took a long long time to get.

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Tags: alster; eisvergnügen; ulster; ice; hamburg; volksfest; amusement
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Willy Kaemena
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Klaus Friese
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Hamburg: Second largest city of Germany, situated in the north at the river Elbe, because of the seaport well known as a city of merchants. Because of the nearby sea, you will always have some fresh breeze while you are walking through the streets with nice private town-houses or while you are floating along aboard an “Alsterdampfer” on the river Alster.