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This panorama was taken in Tianjin

This is an overview of Tianjin

Position: Tianjin is in the international time zone the east eight areas. North has the Ji County Huangyaguan, winter solstice big port district Zhai Zhuang-zi the green ditch, the north and south long 189 kilometers; East has the Hangu area to sprinkle west a golden lump of east of Dou River the main channel, west to Jinghai County Ziya River Wang Jinzhuang west of the beach Germany main channel, the thing extends 117 kilometers. Tianjin territory area 11760.26 square kilometers, area perimeter approximately 1290.8 kilometers, coastline long 153 kilometers, lithosphere long 1137.48 kilometers.

Tourist resources: the Tianjin tourist resources are rich. has the famous Jinmen ten scenery, ten scenery including - - the top dawn, the native place seek out the traces, buy the fluent rosy cloud, north sea Mungu, the setose thistle the strategic pass, Longtan to float green jade, three evening rain, the Shuangcheng being drunk month, the day tower to turn on lathe the cloud, the intermediate belt to practice.

Humanities landscape: the Tianjin is the famous historical city. Existing nation key Cultural relic preservation organ 15, including Dule Temple, buy the mouth fort, the Wanghailou church, the Boxers Lu hall for sacrifices to ancestors world mouth ruins greatly and so on. And, Dule Temple is situated in Ji County, builds in Tang, reconstructs in a.D. 984 years, is most ancient large-scale wood construction pavilion construction which our country only saves, in pavilion 16 meter high goddess of mercy, is one of our country extant biggest clay sculptures. Is listed as the world culture inheritance the Huangyaguan ancient Great Wall, has each kind of modelling beacon tower more than 20 places, circles in the hills high mountains, all around fine scenery like picture. Whole city existing municipal key Cultural relic preservation organ 113, region and county level key Cultural relic preservation organ more than 100. Famous has a day of harem, the Jade Emperor Chinese style pavilion, the temple of Confucian learning, the Catholic church, the Islamic big temple, the greatly sad zen temple, the Guangdong clubhouse, as well as the Zhou Enlai youth revolutionizes in Tianjin moves the former site and so on. In recent years, newly built Zhou Enlai the Deng Yingchao memorial hall, the Peking-Tientsin Campaign memorial hall, the Tianjin Science and technology museum, has become the patriotic education base and the young people science and technology educates the place. Tianjin various museums, the memorial hall existing holding reaches 530,000, one, seconds reach more than 1000. the Tianjin's urban architecture is characteristic. Both has the magnificently decorated building, the elegant simple historic building, and has the numerous novel unique Western world to construct. Has Britain's old style, Germany's Gothic style, France's Roman type, Russia's classical -like, Greece's Athens type and so on, the Tianjin people usually constructs these Western world calls it “the small foreign-style multi-storied building”. The whole city has UK, France, US, Russia, Italy, Austria, to compare, country's and so on Germany historical styles to construct 872, 1,560,000 square meters. These constructions are being full of the Chinese modern history inside story, has the extremely high development value. In a city, is preserving the massive national style historic building and the so numerous Western world constructs, this not sees in China and even the world city. Therefore Tianjin is known as name of the international construction exposition.

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