American Precision Museum

The Museum preserves the heritage of the mechanical arts, celebrates the ingenuity of our mechanical forebears, and explores the effects of their work on our everyday lives. The American Precision Museum, housed in the original Robbins & Lawrence Armory, now holds the largest collection of historically significant machine tools in the nation.

Precision manufacturing touches us all. Without it, we would not have the mass communication, rapid transportation, modern standards of sanitation and medical care, abundant food and clothing, or the leisure for universal education.

American Precision Museum Website

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  • Old timer 12 months ago
    If you are telling the world about precision, then I think you missed something in your museum. Precision grinding machine, in order to hold tight tolerances and micro finish, that can not be met by machining. So add some Cincinnati grinding machines to your mix and cover complete prcision
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    American Precision Museum
    American Precision Museum
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