Apartment 144 - Ivo Andrić mouseum

If we are, of course, without evil intent, joke, we could say that Ivo Andric staying in the "Moravica" knew that the hotel owned Sokobanja Correctional Institution in Sremska Mitrovica, maybe, instead of other works, and sketched it wrote "Devil's Yard."

The memorial apartment 144 at  "Moravica" hotel

Knowing or not knowing, only "an artist who is himself able to connect the writer and diplomat ... brought together art and institutions for the execution of criminal sanctions, "he said yesterday at the opening of the memorial complex" Ivo Andric: Apartment 144 "at" Moravica "Milan Obradovic, Director of the execution of criminal sanctions, which the municipality Sokobanja, Belgrade City Museum Ministry of Culture to help achieve the project.

In addition to the apartment where he stayed Andric, the complex includes a refreshed Andric's statue in front of the hotel and the flag with the image of Andrić.
Within the apartment there are authentic artifacts from the time when he stayed Andric, from museum archives and bring some items from the writer's legacy, like his famous glasses and cutters to open the mail, pens, ink Andric page doctoral dissertation, pages parish register of births office of Travnik in 1892 ...

The living room is the authentic furniture, pictures on the walls which testifies to the Soko Banja Andrićev room: one of them is a walk outside the hotel, then your company and Cubrilovic Mesa Selimovic, as well as his biographer Ljube Jandric.


Concept of the memorial was done by 144 apartments Tatjana Korićanac, advisor Belgrade City Museum, also a co-author with journalist Ljiljana N. Nikolic, "A story-telling and those who speak - Ivo Andric in Sokobanja" - notes for the Nobel Prize in Sokobanja stays where he first came to war in 1942, as evidenced by the typing-up version of his diary of the period set out in the apartment.

The ambience is completed typewriter, radio and TV camera from that era, with the exact coffee pots, as if still awaiting the return of the author walks in the spa, where he came to treat form of Ozren. Neither I Andric was not sure what it is so drawn to this place. He remained one record: "I do not know what really is there, but I know that after 15-20 days in the year Sokobanja work in Belgrade as a new born."

But there was some reason as soon as the writer of every dispatch he wrote to the then manager hotel "Moravica" Your Ducic, asking him to provide the same apartment: "Please, comrade Vaso, reserve that room where I stayed last year, where I nice and rested very well and worked a lot. This is the room that has a terrace and the view of Sokobanja Moravica River canyon. "Indeed, the view from the terrace of Andric's even in this gloomy autumn days is unique. Obviously he felt a great writer. So he returned Sokobanja.

Andric Pominjaće this place in his famous "signs along the road": "On top of Ozren above Sokobanja grow and flower peony, its flowers are like really big early on and have a heavy dark red color."

Either way, our Nobel Prize winner in Sokobanja in this hotel spent much time in the early 70's of last century (actually since 1971. To 1974. Years), and some traces in the apartment on the 144 novel written by "Miss" stories " Helen, a woman who does not have "and" Snake ". And during his first stay in Sokobanja war 1942nd he is in the spa area and began his most famous work, "Bridge on the Drina".

Its first meeting will remain written on the diary page of 10 7th 1942, which records the "encounter between the patriarchal way of life and civilization in Sokobanja": "In the warm bath is all good and tempting. One old woman, barefoot and ragged, let me go without a doctor's opinion and without a bath, of course, for the tip. The cabin, which was arranged during the prosperity of a decade ago when the beautiful greenish marble ... "

Records, and wrote a hand-embroidered with untrained girls Sokobanja the towel, which gives it an old woman ("again for the tip") ... "which the U.S. to be rubbed, only father-free, the father in law is exhausted while isprosio me!"

And when he was a colleague of the war years, Marko Ristic calling from the Spa to come with him - refused him with the words "here does not want to go anywhere."
And another wrote: "Sokobanja was and still is for me the landscape in which I often visited and there was peace and refreshment, met with a good reception among people of different professions and occupations, from farmers to caterers and doctors and artists. Days spent in this region are among the more beautiful and better memories of my life! "

Where is all created Ivo Andric

Here he wrote novels 'Bridge on the Drina "," Travnik Chronicle' and 'Miss', "the wall of the building in Prizren 7, in Belgrade. On the first floor Andric was living with friends, and today is a law firm that apartment. Since then, this building has changed everything, including tenants, except Zone Kalember (80), who still lives in this building.
- I remember him. She was 20 years old when I married and moved to building 50-ies. Reported to all neighbors in passing, so to me, but not zapodevao deeper conversations. He was restrained and discreet and we all respected him - says for "Blic" Zone Kalambera.
The apartment on the first floor lived a lawyer Milenkovic, who, according to Ms. Kalember, was in the diplomatic service where he met our Nobel laureate. Area remembers that on the first floor apartment visited and Milica Babic, Andric's greatest love, later wife, whom he dedicated the story "Helen, a woman who does not have."
- Milica was much more beautiful. It was a great, romantic love. Andric was living as a lawyer roommate Milenkovic, a large terrace, sitting and writing - the story Zone.
I Andrićev wreath flat on 8, in which he lived with his wife Milica past 17 years, would have many stories to tell, and certainly one of 26 October 1961st That morning, Charge d 'Affaires of the Embassy of Sweden rang the door Andric apartment on the first floor to announce: The Nobel committee decided to award a prize for literature Ivo Andric in his novel "Bridge on the Drina".

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