Another vantage view of Nurragingy

I never get tired of this place ... there is always something new too discover besides being my sanctuary - A nice place to unwind, have a family picnic - I will always say this - A gem of a place in the middle of Blacktown suburbia ...

Copyright: Gil Abadines
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10000x5000
Taken: 31/05/2014
Uploaded: 31/05/2014
Updated: 17/06/2014


Tags: parks; reserve; nature; hdr; outdoors; autumn
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Gil Abadines
Jacaranda Tree at Nurragingy ...
Gil Abadines
At Nurragingy Reserve
Gil Abadines
Revisiting Nurragingy Reserve
Gil Abadines
Autumn morning at Nurragingy ...
Gil Abadines
Nurragingy springtime !
Gil Abadines
Nurragingy Reserve
Gil Abadines
At the Baseball Park ....
Gil Abadines
Rainclouds over Blacktown
Gil Abadines
Blacktown Showground
Gil Abadines
At a nearby playground ...
Gil Abadines
8 hours a day ...
Gil Abadines
Blacktown CBD .... The Mall
Georgios Kosmas
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