住蓮山安楽寺 ANRAKUJI-Temple,Kyoto

ANRAKUJI // 京都住蓮山安楽寺

A brief introduction to the Anraku-ji temple

At the beginning of the Kamakura period [AD. 1192-1333] , the Anraku-ji temple was first built by Anraku and Juren. They were the disciples of the Holy Priest Honen [1133-1212] , the founder of the chanting of Namu Amida-Butu ( “I worship thee, Amida Budda”).
Honen’s simple message of salvation was heard with joy by the common people in an age of crisis . that is, in the Kamakura period in which Japanese history entered the first phase of organized feudalism after a long period of aristocratic rule. It was not long, however, before the imperial court became increasingly convinced that the doctrine of the faith sect, which taught the equal salvation for all people, was incompatible with the unity and safety of the society, and finally the persecution was ordered by the retired emperor Gotoba on the pretext that Matsumushi and Suzumushi, the concubines of Gotoba, without permission entered the faith sect of Amida under the guidance of Anraku and Juren. Honen was exiled and both Anraku and Juren were executed [1207]. It is remembered as “Persecution in the Kenei’ era”, for such a serious action against the Buddhist community was of rare occurrence in the history of Japan.
After a time the present Anraku-ji temple was re-built for the sake of consoling the spirits of the disciples and concubines.

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