Aqua Park @ Silver lake

Aqua park Silver Lake this weekend will be the richer for one more tourist attraction. Specifically, the company "Silver Lake Investment" will open a water park with many attractions for children and adults.

Aqua park occupies a total area of ​​2,500 m2, of which 780 under water. This complex of four pools, located near the lake, walking trails and existing restaurants. It will be open during the summer and admission is open to all visitors to this part of Serbia, not just hotel guests.

- Within the aqua park will be slides, wave pools and other water "pursuits", and water heaters in all pools using solar panels

He added that "Silver Lake Investment" seeks to preserve all natural complex ways on the lake and because of that use renewable energy sources, and try and consume less electricity. Thus, the water is heated in a water park with solar panels, and heating and cooling hotel will be used to heat pumps.

Aqua park is only part of the "Silver Lake Resort"-a. The entire complex covers 350 hectares of land, even (of which 30 ha of forest) with 1.5 km of the Danube shore and 600 m the lake shore. The company "Silver Lake Investment" has completed the design of the marina, tennis courts, holding seats NCA, the existing restaurant and bars, water and sewer, walkways, prefabricated houses, fishermen's houses, shelters for the restaurant and the beach, two parking lots, substation , coast fort and an optical network.

All this belongs to the first phase of construction. Already about 15 August, the door will open and hotel "Danubia Park." As we had the opportunity yesterday to make sure, the works are being finalized.

This garni hotel will have gross area of ​​5350 m2, will have a total of 135 bearings of which 53 rooms and 8 suites. Okitiće with four stars. It was produced by the project of the Belgrade firm "D-Design", while the main contractor Krusevac "Tehnogradnja".

In the central part of the hotel, just below the "dome" or tip, as it makes us lay people, there is a "presidential suite". They say they wanted to call it the "royal", but "no line when we are not a monarchy."

Will it really odsedati former president of Serbia, or "unnamed heads" of our country remains to be seen in his opening.

The hotel also provides a multi-purpose conference hall for 190 people, which if necessary can be divided into three parts. In the basement of the hotel facilities are planned for the party guests a fireplace lounge, billiards, game room.

Warm relationship with the hotel will be connected and "fitness-wellness-spa" center. This center, whose opening is expected in September, will be the area 800m2.

Considering the fact that they realized that in addition to the construction of these facilities, as well as a new restaurant overlooking the water park and a lake, there is empty space, they decided to build the complex in the center and indoor pool.

As for "eKapija" says the "Silver Lake Resort" by the end of this year are designed to work indoor pool, as well as continuing to build the apartment complex, and next year starts a new round of investment.

Milan Slavinski says that next year could start with the construction of accommodation facilities dedicated to youth tourism and excursions.

To Silver Lake tourism offer even more attractive company, "Silver Lake Investment" in its offer a large cruise ship "Silver Star". The ship can accommodate a total of 380 passengers in two open-air terrace and indoor lounges.

As for our portal Slavinski said, the ship will operate during the summer season en route to Golubac and Ram fortress, and after that will be stationary in Belgrade, where the Sava and Danube cruise. In addition it will serve and for commercial purposes.

Why is the Silver Lake "silver"?

Silver Lake is located in the northeastern part of Serbia, near the mouth of the Pek and Danube. Belongs to the municipality of Veliko Gradiste. In order to protect the coastal marshes ramskog of groundwater, 1971. year dunavac who was visiting around the island is converted into an embankment upstream in the village Zatonje. Thus emerged the lake, 14 km long 300 m wide, deep and up to 13 m.

In the afternoon, when the sun goes to bed after the Carpathians, millions of silver sparks are its reflection, and that is named Silver. Great beauty, from the beginning has become a popular holiday resort and the backbone of tourism in this region, and is called the Serbian sea. The claim that the Silver Lake gem of continental tourism in this part of Serbia, for many who have visited it, has become true.

Photo: Panorame Srbije

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