Areia Que Canta Hotel Fazenda em Brotas SP

The leisure and recreation are spread by Hotel Fazenda Areia que Canta. You walk, run, have fun, meet people and experience the feeling of being on the farm of old acquaintances, who turned Hotel.

It has a water wheel, the orchard, the garden, the woods, hammocks, swings in the trees, the little fish to feed the farm animals, trees, crops and livestock.

It also has indoor heated pool and children's pool, sauna, massage room, tennis court, mini soccer field, basketball table, games room and TV, toy, bike, dam for fishing, kayaks, paddle boat and, waterslide into the lake, Tyrolean mini horse cart, walking trails and programming that prepares the team with all affection: ride to the east, milk, sugarcane juice, fruit picking in the foot, tractor ride, happy harvesting, cooking and other rural games for children, adults and families.

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Brotas is located in the center of São Paulo, in the heart of one of the most developed regions of the country, but still presents us with their wealth and natural beauty preserved. Endowed with a strategic location and privileged, are taking a new path and emerges in the context of national ecotourism.  Historically linked to rural production and agricultural economy, had its heyday at the beginning of the century with the coffee culture. Turn has characteristics quite significant with regard to resource conservation  natural, because it retains a large proportion of native forest, housing a significant bio diversity of animal and vegetable.  But his greatest asset is the natural relief generally mild, in the formation of "Cuestas Basalt" and his great pool of water, highlighting the river Jacaré-Pepira, still one of the few unpolluted rivers in the state. These natural conditions, does the city of Brotas, one of the few regions in the interior of Sao Paulo, which also combines natural environment, aspects of an area almost entirely occupied by rural activity, guaranteeing him a strong addition to natural beauty present typical cultural aspects of local community.  Brotas, houses in their mountains several springs and rivers with waterfalls, cutting valleys and hillsides; concentrates a multitude of tourist attractions, mostly water (dam, streams, waterfalls, streams and springs).