*** Arg Of Karim Khan ***

100 th panoramic photos I've uploaded to the site 360cities . It is one of my best photos.

Arg of Karim Khan

The Arg of Karim Khan is a citadel located in the north-east of Shiraz, southern Iran. It was built as part of a complex during the Zand dynasty and is named after Karim Khan, and served as his living quarters...


ارگ کریم خان زند شیراز

ارگ کریمخان یا زندان کریم خان؛ قصر سلطنتی و اندرونی کریم خان زند؛ حاکم شیراز بوده است که در سال 1180 ه. ق. به دستور وی ساخته شده است. کریم خان زند برای ساختن قصر خود ماهرترین سنگ تراشان، معماران و هنرمندان آن عصر را به شیراز دعوت کرد و بهترین نوع مصالح را از شهرها و کشورهای مختلف خریداری نمود و در اختیار کارگران قرار داد. درساختن ارگ، معماری نظامی و معماری مسکونی هر دو با هم به کار رفته است، چراکه ارگ؛ خانه پادشاه بوده و باید از ضریب امنیتی بالایی برخوردار باشد. بنابراین دیواره های بیرونی که همانند دیوارهای یک قلعه نظامی است، بسیار مرتفع با ارتفاع حدود 15 متر می باشد

Copyright: Omid Jafarnezhad
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10008x5004
Taken: 23/02/2013
Uploaded: 23/02/2013
Updated: 08/08/2014


Tags: iran; shiraz; arg; windows; colorful
  • fati360 almost 2 years ago
    !!جالب و زیبا شده
  • Meysam Yarparvar about 2 years ago
    فوق العاده زیبا شد . اونم بدون سه پایه . هیچی نمی شه گفت جز اینکه فوق العادست ، موفق باشی
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    More About Shiraz

    Shiraz is the fifth most populated city in Iran and the capital of Fars Province. It is located in the southwest of Iran, has a moderate climate and has been a regional trade center for more than a thousand years.The earliest reference to the city, is on Elamite clay tablets dated to 2000 BC. In the 13th century, Shiraz became a leading center of the arts and letters, thanks to the encouragement of its ruler and the presence of many Persian scholars and artists. Shiraz was the capital of Persia during the Zand dynasty from 1750 until 1781, as well as briefly during the Saffavid period.Shiraz is known as the city of poets, wine and flowers. It is also considered by many Iranians to be the city of gardens, due to the many gardens and fruit trees that can be seen in the city. Shiraz has had major Jewish and Christian communities.