Northern Spain

Here the Ebro describes a wide curve changing its course west-east to south where meets the dam.

The valley now flooded once was full of cattle and horses, the chance wanted they were represented in some way.

The reservoir has been declared National Aquatic Birds Refuge which find protection in the peninsula of La Lastra and several floating islands built for that purpose.

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Tags: spain; cantabria; arroyo; las rozas de valdearroyo; ebro; river; reservoir; nature
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Miguel Angel
Arroyo (Jetty)
Jose Manuel Lanza Herrera
Orzales - Campoo de Yuso, CANTABRIA
Jose Manuel Lanza Herrera
Pantano del Ebro, Orzales
Miguel Angel
Monastery of Montesclaros 1
Miguel Angel
Montesclaros Ext
Jose Manuel Lanza Herrera
Juliobriga - Retortillo, Campoo de Enmedio - CANTABRIA
Jose Manuel Lanza Herrera
Juliobriga - Campoo de Enmedio, Retortillo - CANTABRIA
Jose Manuel Lanza Herrera
Juliobriga - CANTABRIA, Campoo de Enmedio, Retortillo
Jose Manuel Lanza Herrera
Virgen de Las Nieves - Campóo de Yuso (Cantabria)
Jose Manuel Lanza Herrera
Ermita Virgen de Las Nieves - Monegro, Campóo de Yuso - CANTABRIA
Jose Manuel Lanza Herrera
Miguel Angel
Colegiata de San Pedro de Cervatos
Sandor Veress
Morskie Oko
Sainte Martine flea market 2/10
Sanchong City night market
yunzen liu
the First Bend of the Yellow River Shapotou Ningxia,zhongwei
Jakub Hruska
Under the Paint Mill 'De Kat'
Andrew Usatyuk
Amphitheatre of ancient city Hierapolis
Jakub Hruska
Inside paint mill 'De Kat' in Zaanse Schans
Andrey Yavolovsky
View From Narikala Fortress (Bottom)
Mark Schuster
Seller under the portrait of the Ayatollah in the Bazaar at Esfahan - Iran
Tibor Illes
Airplane Memorial Park - IL-18 airplane inside
Levent ŞEN
Family Breakfast
Sotero Ferreira
Sino - Convento de Cristo
Miguel Angel
Niemeyer Centre at Aviles
Miguel Angel
Presillas 2n
Miguel Angel
Olleros 1n
Miguel Angel
Colegiata de Cervatos
Miguel Angel
St Ana chapel
Miguel Angel
Tower of St Martin of Hoyos (In)
Miguel Angel
Cervatos Int N
Miguel Angel
St Eulalia – La Loma
Miguel Angel
Sta Maria 1n
Miguel Angel
Orbaneja del Castillo -Mill-
Miguel Angel
Cave church of Olleros de Pisuerga
Miguel Angel
Orbaneja del Castillo -Square-
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