Art School (Liceul de Artă), Târgu Mureș
Targu Mures

Primary and Secondary School of Visual and/or Musical arts from Târgu Mureș, Romania. Originally it belonged to the Roman Catholic Church together with several other buildings nearby and it housed a nunnery. As a school it was established in 1949 and it was expanded into its modern day form, right after communism took over the country. Therefore the school's building can be separated by multiple styles of architecture, one that carries classical motifs - the main section - and stems back possibly multiple centuries, and the other is a communistic extension. In one the classrooms a recently uncovered embedded memorial can be seen engraved in Hungarian. I would be happy to learn some more about these stuff, because they usually keep this sort of information secret.

Copyright: Lehel Lokodi
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Taken: 02/04/2011
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Tags: education; school; institution; art; music; learning; lýceum
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Michael Pop
The orthodox cathedral in Targu Mures
Michael Pop
In front of the Roman-Catholic Church
Michael Pop
The Targu Mures fortress at night
The Medieval Fortress, Tirgu-Mures, Romania
Lehel Lokodi
Statue of György Bernády, Târgu Mureș
Lehel Lokodi
Rákóczi Stairs (more pixels), Târgu Mureș
Michael Pop
Entrance of the Targu Mures Theatre
Lehel Lokodi
Rákóczi Stairs, Târgu Mureș
Michael Pop
Foyer of the National Theatre in Targu Mures
Michael Pop
Scene of the National Theatre in Targu Mures
Michael Pop
Santa's bus in the Theatre Square in Targu Mures
Michael Pop
Dracula Golden Trophy Dog Show in Targu Mures
Dominic Julian
Inside the Lighthouse Anyer
Vil Muhametshin
Ancient theatre of Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Sam Ho
Ho King Commercial Centre 好景商業中心
Animal protection crew
B. Hamann
Milchstrasse ueber dem sudelfeld
Marcus Marstaller
Ivan Savin
Treppe mit dem Blick auf Baden-Baden, Germany
zeljko soletic
Sunset over Dubrovnik
Zoltán Szakonyi
Rick Liston
Bridge over Suzhou Creek
John Detten
Österreich, Bad Gastein, Stubnerkogel, Haengebruecke1
Dave Tonnes
Sans Souci Beach Groyne
Lehel Lokodi
Tailors' Bastion (Bastionul Croitorilor), Cluj-Napoca
Lehel Lokodi
City Centre in December, Cluj-Napoca
Lehel Lokodi
Bridge across the Mureș/Maros, Târgu Mureș
Lehel Lokodi
Caragiale Park, Cluj-Napoca
Lehel Lokodi
Valentine Park - Szekler Martyrs Street, Târgu Mureș
Lehel Lokodi
Lake Gheorgheni, Cluj-Napoca
Lehel Lokodi
Dreary December over the Someș/Szamos River, Cluj-Napoca
Lehel Lokodi
László Bölöni Stadium (Front Row View), Târgu Mureș
Lehel Lokodi
Fountain in Central Park (Parcul Central), Cluj-Napoca
Lehel Lokodi
Dâmbul Pietros (Petrous Hill) from Above, Târgu Mureș
Lehel Lokodi
Fortress in Winter, Târgu Mureș
Lehel Lokodi
Csittszentiván (Sântioana de Mureș)
More About Targu Mures

Marosvásárhely / Târgu Mureş lies at the junction of three geographical regions (Mezőség / Câmpia Transilvaniei, Maros Valley and Nyárádmente) at about 220 meters above sea level. The city extends onto both banks of the Maros / Mures river, however, the downtown area and the greater part of the districts are located on the left bank. The Somos-high is the city's highest point (465m above sea level, GPS co-ordinates: width N 46° 33,1840'; lenght E 24° 35,9050' ) The city's climate is moderately continental.The city is surrounded by the following townships: Marosszentgyörgy (Sîngeorgiu), Jedd (Livezeni), Marosszentanna, Marosszentkirály, Koronka (Corunca) and Maroskeresztúr.Distances between Târgu Mureş / Marosvásárhely and some of the major cities in Romania:    * Bucharest: by rail 448 km, by road 346 km    * Brasov / Brassó / Kronstadt: by rail 282 km, by road 171 km    * Cluj-Napoca / Kolozsvár 127 km by rail, by road 105 km    * Sibiu / Nagyszeben / Hermannstadt by rail 189 km, by road 124 km