Vista de Luanco, Asturias
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Pelayo Alonso
Vista de Luanco, Asturias
Samarinchina beach of Luanco
Los boletos
Playa de Samarinchona de Luanco
Bahia de la isla del carmen
Inside of the dyke in Luanco
Playa del Dique
Samarincha Beach of Luanco
Pier of Luanco
Carmen Island of Luanco
Alborz Mountain, Haraz Road
Sergej Esnault
Ancient town Thilā with water reservoir - Yemen
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Hams Hall substation control room
Costas Vassis
Vovousa bridge
C360.NL - Henri Smeets
Van Gendthallen, Amsterdam
Astrolabio Colombia
Santuario de las Lajas, Ipiales Colombia
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Old filling Station, Glenrio, on the Texas/New Mexico state line
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Juggling with torches
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Pelayo Alonso
Parque de Monte Cerrao, Oviedo
Pelayo Alonso
Monasterio e Iglesia de San Salvador de Celorio, Llanes (Asturias)
Pelayo Alonso
Dama del Balcón, Parque del Oeste de Oviedo
Pelayo Alonso
Parque de Purificación Tomás nevado, Oviedo, Asturias
Pelayo Alonso
Estadio Municipal Carlos Tartiere, Oviedo
Pelayo Alonso
Plaza Teodoro Lopez Cuesta, Oviedo
Pelayo Alonso
Bosque de La Zoreda, La Manjoya (ASTURIAS)
Pelayo Alonso
El Carbayon Monumental, Oviedo
Pelayo Alonso
Quiosco de la Música de Noreña, Asturias
Pelayo Alonso
Vista de la costa desde Moniellos en Luanco, Asturias
More About Asturias

Historically isolated from the rest of Spain by its high mountains, Asturias claims to be a Natural Paradise. It hosts many World Heritage features and gets world wide media coverage every year when the 'Prince of Asturias Awards' winners' names are announced.