Athens greek Loukoumades shop LUKUMAΔΕΣ, Aiolou street.
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Veros Plakiotis
001 Athens Agia Irini Church One Of The First Churches In Athens After Its Liberation From Ottomans In 1832 Aiolou Street
Veros Plakiotis
02 Athens Agias Irinis square - Saint Irene church - Coffee shops - Bars.
Veros Plakiotis
09 Athens Mitropoleos street - Dimopratiriou square.jpg
Laas Tietje
Shoping mile in the center of Athens
Veros Plakiotis
10 Athens Monastiraki square - Pantanasa church - Ermou street and Athinas street.
Antonis Kioupliotis
Monastiraki Square
Veros Plakiotis
021 Monastirakiou Square Sunset The Most Vibrant Square In Athens Full Of Tourist And Locals
Veros Plakiotis
Athens Evagelistrias street and Kalamitou street.
epoca libera
Les Miserables of Athens
Christos Pappas
Monastiraki, Athens-Greece
Dimitris Aspiotis
Monastiraki Square nightshot
Christos Pappas
Monastiraki Square Night view
Yehliu Geopark(Earth Rock)
Drivepano Alcochete Portugal R. da Quebrada
dieter kik
Motos Bikes Plouescat
Carlos Chegado
Hotel Tivoli Almansor Carvoeiro Algarve Vale Covo Beach
Mark Bridgwater
Deer Park Heights
Willy Kaemena
John Hancock Center
Drivepano Alcochete Portugal Pastelaria O Trote
Samarinda Islamic Center Mosque 03
Joop Greypink
Living room in Trinidad, Cuba
dieter kik
Halle en bois du 16e siecle Plouescat
Kodera soy sauce store
Roland Kuczora
Hacienda Tres Rios - Restaurant Alebrije
Veros Plakiotis
Acropolis Museum 4th floor Video area.
Veros Plakiotis
05 Athens The entrance of the south slope of the Acopolis and the theatre of Dionysos-The pathway leads up to the Parthenon.
Veros Plakiotis
Athens Souri street and Filellinon street.
Veros Plakiotis
200 Florence Boboli Gardens
Veros Plakiotis
28 Athens The west face of Parthenon and at the right are the remnants of the Sanctuary of Brauronian Artemis.
Veros Plakiotis
Athens Syntagma Square and Mitropoleos street.
Veros Plakiotis
131 Florence Entrance Of Ponte Vecchio Via De Bardi
Veros Plakiotis
Athens Ancient Agora Temple of Ares.
Veros Plakiotis
197 Florence Boboli Gardens
Veros Plakiotis
346 Rome Piazza San Pietro Right Side Basilica Di San Pietro
Veros Plakiotis
19 Temple of Olympian Zeus Hadrian Arch and remnants of ancient houses.
Veros Plakiotis
109 Florence Ponte Vespucci
More About Athens

Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece, dominates the Attica periphery: as one of the world's oldest cities, its recorded history spans at least 3,000 years.