Photo taken in spring 2008 near the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens (in Greek - Naos tou Olimpiou Dios), Olympieion, that was dedicated to Zeus, king of the Olympian Gods. Construction began in the 6th century BC during the rule of the Athenian tyrants, who envisaged building the greatest temple in the ancient world, but it was not completed until the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD some 650 years after the project had begun.

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Tags: athens; greece; greek; temple; ruins; zeus; olympian; olympieion
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Veros Plakiotis
17 Temple of Olympian Zeus North side a little closer.
Veros Plakiotis
25 Temple of Olympian Zeus North side and the remnants of Roman Baths.
Veros Plakiotis
03 Temple of Olympian Zeus West side and the fallen columns.
Veros Plakiotis
23 Temple of Olympian Zeus North side and the Themistoclean Walls.
Veros Plakiotis
26 Temple of Olympian Zeus East side and behind the Acropolis.
Veros Plakiotis
02 Temple of Olympian Zeus West side.
Veros Plakiotis
22 Temple of Olympian Zeus East side.
Veros Plakiotis
15 Temple of Olympian Zeus North West side.
Veros Plakiotis
01 Temple of Olympian Zeus west south side.
Veros Plakiotis
16 Temple of Olympian Zeus North side and Below the Ilissos river sanctuaries.
Veros Plakiotis
09 Temple of Olympian Zeus South East side.
Veros Plakiotis
14 Temple of Olympian Zeus North-East side.
Martin Kneth
Schneeberg Trail at east steep slopes 2
Sergey Malov
Ukraine, крым. Settlement Solnechnogorsky
Gregory Panayotou
Atelier Kite Beach
Henk Keijzer
Municipal Market, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jann Lipka
Casa D.Secchiaroli via Vincenzo Borghini Firenze
Rodrigo Carletti
Antonino Del Popolo
Taormina, corso Umberto - Palazzo Ciampoli
Stefan Solakov
Rila mountain
Mark Schuster
Shiraz Night Cafe during Ramadan -Iran
Lucas Corato
Palazzo della Ragione
Sergei Pautov
Церкви Златоустовского прихода.
tk tuzla shipyard
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Russian Winter Forest
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Insterburg Festival 2008
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Restaurant Pavlin-Mavlin, Caravan hall
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Manavgat Ali Bey Hotel
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Bagration bridge, Moscow
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Interior of Konstantinovkiy Palace, St Petersburg
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Mezhdunarodnaya Metro Station in Moscow City
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Vladimir Georgievskiy
Restaurant Pavlin-Mavlin, ground hall
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Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece, dominates the Attica periphery: as one of the world's oldest cities, its recorded history spans at least 3,000 years.