Throughly baffling: an audio recording studio in MediaCity UK, Salford

I've always wanted to shoot inside a full anechoic chamber. I've not quite fulfilled that ambition yet, but this – a semi-anechoic chamber – is the closest I've got yet. This is an audio recording studio, lined with sound-absorbant foam baffles designed to stop reverb and echoes and provide a clean base audio recording. And yes, it sounds as exotic as it looks…

This room is a part of the The Audio Studios, in The Studios at MediaCity UK. 

Photographing in here was a *very* weird experience… the click of the shutter and my voice sounded disconcerting flat, with no reverb at all. Imagine standing in a thick blanket of snow, then multiply that experience tenfold, and you'll have some idea of the aural oddity. By the time I'd finished shooting this 360° HDR I reckoned I could hear the metronomic sound of my pulse in my ears … it was a real relief to escape the confines of the room and get back into the wider studio!

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Copyright: Joby Catto
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 12866x6433
Uploaded: 04/12/2013
Updated: 28/03/2014


Tags: audio; studio; soundproof; anechoic; recording; media; foam; quiet; salford; manchester; bbc
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Joby Catto
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