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Aurora above Avoriaz

one of cold nights in Alps. The day before there was a lot of snowboarding and filming for our crew, and we were pretty tired. Despite this me and my Buddy decided to make a trip on closest ridge. Night photography made our trevel a bit longer) and I could only capture 3 of 5 rows of this amazing night view with aurora from the town lamps. While stitching the pano I had a big gap of missing 2 down rows, so a simple trick with duplication and a bit of merging skills made this wonderful view ;)

Copyright: Ivan roslyakov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Uploaded: 11/09/2011
Updated: 25/08/2014


Tags: france avoriaz alps port du soleil mountain winter night stars aurora
  • Evgeniy Veldyaev over 1 year ago
    Вид действительно, замечательный. Не сразу понял, почему в надире тоже небо светится...
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