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The Library of the Seitenstetten Abbey
Lower Austria

The room that juts out of the centre of the south wall contains the library, the interior of which was designed by the Viennese cabinet maker Jakob Gäbruckhner containing books uniformly bound in white pigskin. Furthermore, it is adorned by a fresco, which portrays the image of the opening of the sealed book from the Revelations of John, (Rev.4-5), and was painted by Paul Troger in 1741. The architectural painting, representing the four Early Fathers of the church, was finished by Josef Wiedon. The relief portraits of the two abbots and Putti, who by twos embody the four Faculties, were created by Joh. Jakob Sattler from St. Florian.

Source: http://www.stift-seitenstetten.at/ (German)

Copyright: Martin Kneth
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9000x4500
Taken: 26/08/2009
Uploaded: 30/08/2009
Updated: 02/03/2015


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