Babugan Yayla

Babuğan Yayla) — the highest file (яйла) in Crimean mountains. Is a part of the Main ridge. The highest point of Babugan-Jajly — mountain Roman Kosh (1545 is simultaneously and the highest point of Crimea. Other top exceeding 1500 m — mountain Zejtin-Kosh (1534 m.) In the administrative relation all file is located in Alushtinsky region of Crimea, and a small part in the west, including and top Roman Kosh, in the Yalta region. The name of Babugan (Babuğan) in transfer with crimea-tatar language is meant the by «the wolf berry».

Copyright: Sergey Malov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10756x5378
Uploaded: 14/09/2009
Updated: 25/09/2014


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